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2011/07/27 04:52 pm (EST)

Laura Hope-Gill, poet

My reaction to the film

The featured poets illustrate, each in a mystifyingly heart-centered honesty, that poetry needs neither apology nor defense. It simply lives within each of us carrying us through our ... » more

2010/06/17 12:46 am (EST)

Faye Kennedy

Dr Kimenyi's Obituary 2010

    Dr. Alexandre Kimenyi ,

August 15, 1948 -June 11, 2010

With a heavy heart, we announce the death of Dr. Alexandre Kimenyi, a professor ... » more

2009/01/11 04:57 pm (EST)

Lillian Boraks-Nemetz

Experience of our trip to Poland

On June 26th 2008 I embarked on an inspiring film adventure with two true artists in their discipline, Katja Esson, the producer/director and Martina Radwan, the cinematographer. The ... » more